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Why Siamese Cats Meow So Much

If you have ever owned a Siamese cat, one of the things you might have noticed about it is that it tends to meow so much.

Meowing in itself isn’t something that is rare for any cat because this is one of their ways to communicate. But this is something that may be excessive when it comes to Siamese cats for one reason or another. So, why is it that Siamese cats meow so much?

Siamese cats meow so much because they are trying to seek your attention, or perhaps they are bored, and they want to do something. In some cases, it could simply be a way for them to communicate something to you because these cats are normally a lot more social than other cat breeds.

Due to the fact that the Siamese cat was bred to be a domesticated cat breed, it has become quite social and used to having people around.

Because meowing is basically a cat’s way to communicate, Siamese cats may end up meowing excessively because they want something from their owner. That said, let’s talk more about why these cats meow so much and how you can get them to stop doing so.

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Why does my Siamese cat keep meowing?

A cat meowing isn’t something that is out of the ordinary. It’s just similar to when a dog barks because meowing is basically one of the ways that cats communicate. So, in other words, you shouldn’t be shocked when a cat begins to meow because that is when it’s trying to communicate something.

However, those who happen to own Siamese cats may have noticed the fact that these cats are actually very vocal.

That means that Siamese cats can be so vocal that they tend to meow so much to the point that it might even be excessive and out of the normal if you compare they are meowing to how frequent other cat breeds meow.

With that said, why does your Siamese cat even meow so much in the first place? To answer that question, we have given several different reasons that may contribute to the reason why your Siamese cat meows so much.

It loves interacting and is simply trying to get your attention

Unlike other cat breeds that can live without your attention and would just simply lie down somewhere undisturbed and minding their own business, the Siamese cat is a different type of cat.

So, if you want a cat just wants to sit somewhere while leaving you alone, the Siamese cat shouldn’t be the cat breed that you should go for because this is a feline that loves to interact with people and fellow cats.

Simply put, the Siamese cat just loves to get your attention because it loves company. They may end up cuddling from time to time but are more likely to want to do different activities that are fun and exciting.

As such, a Siamese cat that meows so much is likely trying to get your attention so that you can do fun things with it.

Even something as simple as cuddling would mean the world to it, but it still is better if you could play a few games with your Siamese cat. Elsewise, your cat may end up holding a grudge if you don’t give it what it wants when it is meowing excessively.

It is simply bored

Regardless of whether or not you have a Siamese cat that loves interacting with people, this cat will still get bored whenever it can’t do anything fun or exciting.

All pets in general actually get bored, and this is the very same reason why there are even pet toys in the first place. They wouldn’t make pet toys if pets didn’t like playing with them.

In your case, the Siamese cat is simply getting bored if it is meowing excessively. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it wants your attention or that it wants to play with you. It could just simply mean that it is bored and it wants to do something that could snap it out of its boredom.

You wouldn’t want a bored cat because Siamese cats can develop a grudge if you don’t give it the kind of fun it wants to have when it is bored. Moreover, bored cats may not end up sleeping well at night because it wasn’t able to do anything with their pent-up energy. This may lead to excessive meowing on the part of your Siamese cat.

A Siamese cat needs more interaction with people than a typical domesticated cat. These cats are happiest when they have a lot of companionship options, and they don’t like being left alone for long periods of time.

Your cat is trying to tell you something

The one thing that you need to know about the Siamese cat is that this is a cat breed that was bred to be a domesticated breed. So, in other words, it has gone through several generations as a domesticated pet that lives together with humans in a home. As such, Siamese cats are so used to human interaction and are more sociable than most other cat breeds.

This is where you should differentiate the Siamese cat from other breeds because this isn’t the type of cat that would love to be left alone.

Instead, this is a cat that is actually quite sociable to the point that it would try to get your attention because it wants to tell you something. And the best way for it to do so is to meow excessively.

So, when your Siamese cat is meowing excessively even though you just played with it, it might be a sign that it is trying to tell you something else or that it wants to do something else.

This is where your observation skills come into play, as you need to actually pinpoint some signs that would allow you to know what your Siamese cat is trying to tell you.

Sometimes they just want attention and lots of attention, so you can understand that if your kitty is meowing too much but not meowing, then it might be a good idea for you to try and play with it. They crave human attention at times and wanting to be loved and cared for.

Have you tried food? Try some wet food in their food bowl or maybe some dry food in their cat bowl. They can get very hungry, and meowing is the only way to really get your attention. There are some safe human foods that cats can eat, like tuna, but you could also try watermelon and banana.

Why does my Siamese cat meow so much at night?

So, now that you know why your Siamese cat meows so much, you might have noticed that it does so late at night when you are trying to get some sleep. This might make you wonder why it meows so much at night and not during the earlier hours when you were not trying to sleep.

The reason why Siamese cats meow so much at night can be varied. In some cases, it could be attributed to how cats are naturally nocturnal animals that are more active during the night than they are during the day.

So, if your cat wants to do something fun, it might try to wake you up to get your attention by meowing so much at night.

Another reason why a Siamese cat can meow so much at night is due to its boredom.

Even if your cat is used to sleeping during the night, it might end up meowing at night when you are trying to sleep because it wasn’t able to use up its pent-up energy during the day and is now bored. As such, this could lead to excessive meowing at night because of how it needed to do something to stave off its boredom.

Are Siamese cats very vocal?

In general, one of the things you need to know about the Siamese cat is that it can be quite vocal. Sometimes these cats will meow like a baby.

This is normal for a Siamese kitten because this breed was specifically bred to be a companion for human households. As such, they are so domesticated that they have become used to interacting and socializing with people.

So, in that case, because the Siamese cat is naturally a lot more sociable than other cats, it has developed the habit of being vocal.

And when we say vocal, we mean to say that it will likely meow more often than other cats do, as the Siamese cat is a breed that would try to interact or communicate what it wants by being vocal to the people around it.

Is it normal for cats to be very vocal?

Normally, cats aren’t very vocal because there are some cats that are naturally better off spending time with their lonesome. Meowing is a normal communication behavior for cats.

You may have noticed this in some cat breeds that prefer to be left alone curling in a corner. And this is something that is quite normal in most cat breeds but not for the Siamese cat, which is more likely to be vocal due to how naturally sociable this cat is.

How do you stop a Siamese cat from meowing so much?

So, if you want to stop your Siamese cat from meowing so much because you can’t get some rest, here are some tips:

1.      Play with it

Spend quality time with them every day, playing, pampering, and talking. Siamese cats are naturally interactive and playful. By playing with your Siamese cat, you are satisfying its need for interaction and excitement. You are also going to stave off its boredom so that it could sleep well at night as it has used up its pent-up energy.

Make it a fun activity for the two of you. Just like other kittens, Siamese cats love chasing toys, scratching things, and jumping from high places. You can easily provide all the necessary things by getting a scratching post, a set of toys that it can chase and pounce on, and other toys.

2.      Give it a toy

If you are too busy to play with the cat, giving your Siamese cat a good toy to play with can be enough to stop it from meowing excessively. A scratch post or maybe the usual cat toy such as a yarn ball may help keep it busy.

3.      Try to look at other signs

There are some cases when a Siamese cat may still end up meowing so much even after giving it attention. In that case, try to look for other signs that could help lead you to the reason why it is trying to tell you something. It could be because it found a rat or something else in the room. Or maybe it’s just simply hungry.

4.      Don’t spoil it

Siamese cats are extremely intelligent and can easily learn certain behaviors. By responding to its every cry or meow, you are essentially teaching it that it can bully you around and get what it wants by simply meowing. As such, if you didn’t spoil your Siamese cat from the start, it might not end up developing the habit of excessively meowing just to get something it wants.