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Why Are Siamese Cats So Crazy

Cats are mostly described as calm, laid back, and mellow.

This is not the case with Siamese cats which are hyperactive by nature and energetic, breaking kitten stereotypes.

They have a long, lean body that’s mostly light-colored, with dark markings around their faces, ear, feet, and tail.

They are a great human companion because they are very affectionate and do not mind being petted.

So why are Siamese cats crazy?

In most cases, Siamese cats can appear mean when they are experiencing health and hormonal changes. An environmental change can cause them to appear mean as they protest a new place. Their past may also trigger Siamese cats to act aggressively for no apparent reason.

Siamese cats are playful and very lively. These cats are the ideal companion for anyone with children considering they play a lot. A Siamese kitten just loves to be equated to human beings and is great with children in particular.

These cats have a very high energy level that is difficult to be pacified by just petting them. Siamese kittens are highly curious, and that curiosity often takes them far and wide throughout your family home. 

They love to be petted and receive all sorts of love through kisses, hugs, and being held. This breed of cats loves to be engaged, and understanding their behavior will ensure you live peacefully with them.

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Are Siamese Cats More Aggressive?

Siamese cats will rule around the house. They can be domineering and aggressive. They also tend to guide their territory and rule other breeds.

Having different types of cats will have the Siamese cats lay off on the other cats. 

If you look forward to having a quiet feline friend, a Siamese cat is not suitable for you.

The cat will let you know what they think about everything.

Siamese cats sound as if they are in pain when having a normal conversational tone. At night, Siamese cats have a tendency to be very loud and vocal if in a new environment.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Mean?

Siamese cats are assertive and talkative. They can be aggressive for no reason, and this makes them look mean. In most occurrences, these cats can be mean when they are experiencing health and hormonal changes.

A change of environment may also make the cat appear to be mean as they protest a new place. Their past could also trigger Siamese cats to be aggressive for no apparent reason. A cat with haunting memories may be predisposed to be mean on certain levels.

A cat who has experienced violence in the past may associate certain items with their trauma, making them rebellious. Being affectionate and helping them heal their trauma will change your mean cat into a budding miracle.

A Siamese cat scared of being touched and hurt can turn around with the proper care of experiencing love and patience. In most cases, you may not easily understand their cause for being mean. Siamese cats are assertive, and this can be misinterpreted as being mean.

 There is nothing you can do to deter their mischievousness. Siamese cats tend to balance their aggressive behavior by being cuddly, fun-loving, and generally adorable.

 These cats portray mean behavior by growling, scratching, biting, and attacking.

 This is not their normal behavior. It may show that they are dealing with health and hormonal issues or triggers from past trauma. In some instances, Siamese cats maybe mean to you and friendly to other people.

This could mean that you are the trigger to their aggression. Your behavior or scent may trigger the cat to be aggressive and portray behavior such as hissing, biting, or scratching.

How To Train Your Siamese Cats To Be Less Mean And Respond To Your Loving Nature.

If you are determined to make a positive change on your cat, you can achieve so by making your cat less aggressive. Here are tips to help you train your Siamese cat to be less mean. 

1.     Identify the cause

Find out what causes the cat to portray mean behavior. Check whether they could be suffering from a medical condition or trauma from their past. Contact your veterinarian for assessment to identify if the cat may be dealing with a certain illness. 

2.     Provide conducive environment

Cats prefer solitude. The cats need to be guaranteed safety for them to be social. The Siamese cat should have quiet areas and places they can hide inside your house.

3.     Understanding their triggers

Find out what triggers their aggressive behavior. When your cat has been predisposed to traumatic experiences in the past, its triggers will be very specific.

4.      Keep them away in safe places

If your Siamese cat is being mean without any cause, keep it away in a safe room. Keeping the cat in a separate room will protect others sharing the same space with the cat. The cat will also feel safe. You may let it mingle with others if it stops portraying symptoms of aggression.

5.      Use positive reinforcements

Whenever your cat shows aggressive behavior, let it be. Avoid being too controlling to your cat as they tend to equate it to being hurt. Allow the cat to make contact with you on their own. Let the cat know they can trust you.

Avoid being enthusiastic in your approach but rather show calmness and allow them to come to you. 

6.     Avoid punishing the cat

Siamese cats hate having a master in their lives. They see human beings as their equals. Punishing them will encourage their aggressiveness, and they will be defending themselves.

Why Do Siamese Cats Bite Too Much?

They are a very active breed. This breed is mostly compared to dogs due to their playfulness and high intelligence. These cats may also bite often, which can become a severe issue.

Biting is part of the experience you may get for being a Siamese cat owner. You are most likely to get a playful bite that comes from overexcitement.

There are different reasons why Siamese cats bite. They include:

  • When being irritated. The cat may develop mood swings aggravated by your presence.
  • Sensitive to touch. A Siamese cat with a previous history of abuse may be sensitive to touch. Past trauma experience may increase the cat’s sensitivity.
  • Short temper: Siamese cats have a short temperament in their blood. Failing to discipline the cat on occasions it displays its short temper may aggravate this behavior.
  • Uncomfortable: A cat may bite to show its frustrations on how it could be feeling. When the cat is sick or feeling uncomfortable, it may bite to alert its owner.
  • Overexcitement: The Siamese cats may bite when they are worked up from playing. When the cat is overexcited, all its senses are practically increased.
  • Fear-The cat may bite when it is scared. The cat may be reacting to a new pet in its surroundings or change of environment.

You can use the following methods to stop them from biting:

  • Ignore them: Do not react to everything they do. When the cat is letting out its frustration, allow it to go through that phase.
  • Allow them to express their hurt feelings.
  • Rule Enforcement-Set rules and ensure they are followed. Be strict in ensuring the rules are followed at all times.
  • Encouraging appropriate playing Encourage proper behavior by rewarding the cat whenever it is at its best. Encourage safe playing for the cat.

Are Siamese Cats Dangerous?

Siamese cats are mostly referred to as a dangerous breed to keep around children. This is because of their aggressive and territorial behavior. There is a misconception that Siamese may fight back children who may try to tame their aggressiveness.

Children may also not know how to respond when the cat starts biting, growling, or scratching, making them fight back and bite them. 

Siamese cats are devoted and loving companions.

They are much less dangerous than any animal kept as a pet. They have excellent temperaments around children allowing them to play with them.

Why Siamese Cats Attack Their Owners

Siamese cats love human interaction and may bite their owners when they feel ignored. If you are away most of the time, the cat may bite you as a way of revenging your absence.

Siamese cats may also attack their owner if they do not want too much attention or petting. These cats are friendly and love attention, but there are times they dislike being touched too much. Attempting to touch the cat when it wants to be left alone will earn you a bite.

Siamese cats may also attack their owner when irritated by their behavior. The cat may be irritated when unwell or when being bothered by an injury or stomach upset. These cats may also attack you if you mess up with their toys or teasing them too much.

Siamese cats may attack their owners when manifesting their short-tempered behavior. Once the cat approaches you and you ignore it, it may lose its temper and attack you.

Why My Siamese Cat Attacks Me

Siamese cats are protective of their territory. Your cat may attack you to defend their territory if they feel you are a threat.

Your cat may attack you when feeling uncomfortable at the moment. The behavior is more common to cats trying to adapt to a new environment. Moving to a new house may also make the cat uncomfortable before it adapts to new surroundings.

If the cat-faced abuse with its former owner, it might attack you if you are a new owner. Seeking help from a qualified veterinarian will help solve this specific issue.

Your Siamese cat may attack you if you touch it. Siamese cats are sensitive to touch, especially those with a history of previous animal attacks or abuse from owners. The slightest touch may provoke the cat suffering from trauma to self-defense, prompting them to attack you.

Your Siamese cat may attack you due to its predatory instinct. Cats are generally hardwired predators. This sometimes manifests; hence they may attack you for no reason when both of you are snuggled in the bed and sitting on the sofa.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Weird?

Siamese cats are not weird but unique. This type of breed is more talkative and incredibly alert compared to other cats. Siamese cats love to explore the outdoors.

They have a larger frame that makes them less suitable for domestic life. Siamese cats want to be more involved in your life and will follow you around your home. This type of breed is less elusive compared to other cats.


Siamese cats are unique compared to other cat breeds. Their high intelligence, aggressive and territorial behavior makes them appear crazy when they are not.

People used to calmer breeds of cats may be taken back by the playful and talkative Siamese cats.