Why Are Female Bald Eagles Bigger than Males?

It is not very often that people get the opportunity to see a Bald Eagle in their natural habitat. Still, if you do, you will see that the female Bald Eagle is significantly bigger than the male Bald Eagle.

Why are female bald eagles bigger than males? Female Bald Eagles are bigger than males because of a term called “Reverse Sexual Size Phenomenon,” this happens because the female Bald Eagles are known to do more of the incubation while the males do most of the hunting.

Because of this, the females need to have larger bodies, and the males need to have smaller and sleeker bodies so that they can maneuver through the area and hunt for food.

The females are also able to have the larger body, and when a predator would enter the nest or try to fight the Eagle, the female Bald Eagle, being larger, would be able to defend the nest and keep the predators from approaching.

Female Bald eagles have a much more dominant personality than the male Bald Eagle does, and this allows the female to be more protective over her eggs and her nest than it allows the male to be.

Since the female Bald Eagle is larger, it also means that she generally has a larger hooked beak, larger feet, and talons, a larger back, and a larger wingspan than the male Bald Eagle has.

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What is the Difference Between the Male and Female Bald Eagle?

The biggest difference between the Male Bald eagle and the Female Bald Eagle is of course size, but there are also other differences between the two.

The female, even though she looks the same coloring wise, will have a larger body and will weight more than the male Eagle does.

The females weigh between nine and sixteen pounds and have a wingspan up to eight feet in length. The average male Eagle only weighs from six to ten pounds and has a six-foot wingspan.

Another difference is the call. The female Bald Eagle has a lower pitch call than the male Bald Eagle has.

What is Bergmann’s Rule?

Bergmann’s Rule is a rule that says that bald eagles that live more to the north, such as in Alaska or Canada, might be larger than the bald eagles that live in the Southern areas.

This means that it is not always easy to tell if you are looking at a male or female bald Eagle because they differ in sizes.

Do Female Bald Eagles Hunt?

The male Bald Eagle is the one that does most of the hunting during the life of the Eagle. The male Bald Eagle will either hunt for food or scavenge for food while the female Bald Eagle will take care of the nest and will incubate the eggs for most of the day and night.

Once the male comes back from hunting, the female will take a break from brooding, and the male will brood or feed the eaglets so that the female can stretch, go take a bath or even hunt on her own.

What Does a Female Bald Eagle Look Like?

The female Bald Eagle has a white head and tail and a dark brown body. The tail is fairly long and is shaped like a wedge.

The female Bald Eagle is about 25% larger than the male Bald Eagle.

The Eagle has a large yellow, hooked beak, large feet with large talons, and a large wingspan.

Do Bald Eagles Mate for Life?

Yes. Bald eagles are one of the birds that will keep one mate for life. Even if one partner dies, the other Bald Eagle will normally not find another mate and will live the rest of his or her life alone.

The Bald Eagle is different than other birds that mate with more than one partner. Once a Bald eagle courts their mate, they are together forever.

The Bald Eagle will return to the same nest year after year, as long as the area is safe and will continue to build on to the nest and have eaglets.

How Much Can a Bald Eagle Lift?

A Bald Eagle can only lift around five pounds. Even though some people believe that Bald eagles can carry away large pets or humans, the truth is that a Bald eagle can only lift around five pounds.

A Bald eagle only weighs around twelve pounds but can weigh even as little as six pounds. When an eagle is flying, it is almost impossible for it to pick up something more than five pounds and be able to take off flying with it again.

How Can You Tell the Gender of a Bald Eagle?

There is only one true way to tell the gender of the Bald Eagle, and that is based on size.

A female Bald eagle is quite a bit larger than the male bald Eagle and can be up to 25% larger.

Is It Illegal to Have Bald Eagle Feathers?

Yes. According to the Federal Government, it is illegal for a person to have anything that belongs to a Bald eagle including:

  • A dead Bald Eagle.
  • Feathers from a Bald Eagle.
  • Eggs form a Bald Eagle.
  • Feet from a Bald Eagle.
  • Shells from a Bald Eagle egg.

The only way that a person can enjoy a feather or other parts of a Bald eagle that has fallen to the ground is to take pictures of it and then leave them where you found them. You can only own these things if you have a permit.

How Long Does an Eagle Sit on Their Eggs?

A Bald Eagle will sit on their eggs for about 35 days. This is called incubation and begins right after the egg is laid.

After the first egg is laid, the second egg will not be laid till at least a day or more later.

How Far Can an Eagle See?

Eagles use what is called binocular and monocular vision.

Since the Eagle has binocular and monocular vision, it means that the Eagle can use its two eyes together, or it can use the eyes separately, depending on what the Eagle is trying to see and how far away the object is.

There are two parts to an eagle’s focal points, one is called the fovea, and one is the fovea. This means that one eye looks forward while the other eye looks at around a 45-degree angle.

When the Eagle is using both foveae, the Eagle can look straight and to the side at the same time.

When the Eagle uses one fovea, they can look at things from a long distance and use the 45-degree angle. This allows them to see something like a squirrel up to three miles away.

Do Eagles See in Color?

Eagles are able to see more colors than people can see.

They also have UV sight, which helps them to see their prey and to see when their prey urinates so they can track them.

Where Do Bald Eagles Sleep at Night?

The adult Bald Eagle will either sleep in its nest or on a branch near the nest.

Eagles have a special part in their foot that allows them to lock their foot into a position and so this allows them to sleep on a branch without falling off of it.

The Bald Eagle will sleep standing straight up, and this is similar to how a cow or a horse sleeps.

How Big is the Egg of a Bald Eagle?

The Bald Eagle will have an egg that is around three inches long and around two inches wide. The egg is an off-white color and weighs between 4 to 5 ounces.

The Bald Eagle will lay around three eggs, and this is called a clutch. The eggs are laid one egg at a time, and there will be at least a day and maybe two days in between the time the second egg is laid.

How Many Broods Does a Bald Eagle Lay Each Year?

The Bald Eagle will usually lay one brood of eggs each year. This can change depending on where the Eagle lives.

Sometimes though, if the first brood of eggs does not hatch, the Bald Eagle will lay a second brood of eggs as a replacement brood.

Some believe that Bald Eagles that are born in the southern region, will lay more than one brood each year.