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How To Tell if Your Cat is Part Siamese

Most cat owners around the world ignore the breed of their pets. Provided you enjoy the companion of your cat, you might not bother to analyze its gene. Despite that, some people still want to learn more regarding the background of the cats they raise. Since a Siamese is a popular breed, you might ask yourself if your cat is part Siamese.

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Types of Siamese cats

Lynx point Siamese:

It has striped grey markings across its tail, face and paws, and it establishes a unique, beautiful cat with blue eye colors.

Torte point Siamese

Instead of a solid coloration, your cat will have patches of different types of coloration in specific parts. The cat draws its name torte due to the patches which make the appearance of a tortoiseshell.

Redpoint Siamese

They have pink eyelids, paws, and noses. Their face, feet, and tail have an orange coloration. To differentiate them from the tabby cats, you can see if they have bright blue eyes color and a creamy white coat.

Lilac point Siamese:

It has a greyish-blue color which is lighter silvery.

Chocolate point Siamese

Has white fur with chocolate-colored highlights on the nose, paws, tail, ears, and face.

Seal point Siamese:

They have black or dark brown points with their nose, paws, tail, ears, and face having the same color.


It shares similar features nose, paws, tail, ears, and facial features like that of the seal point Siamese. The only difference is their bluish-white fur.

How to tell if your cat is part Siamese?

The Siamese cat breed is famous for its distinctive features, including blue eyes and slender bodies. Although your cat misses anyone of the features, it can be a part of Siamese. The guide that can help you to tell if your cat breed is a part Siamese.

Check the body type

Siamese cats have angular and slim bodies, elongated and thin necks. They also have legs, triangle-shaped heads, and straight noses. 

Further, the breed has a long-tapered tail, wide-based and large ears. The breed is considered small to medium-sized since it grows up to 10 inches tall and might weigh between 8 to 10 pounds.

However, their body length ranges have a few variations when it comes to the body shape because the Siamese comes with three types of breeds.

Traditional Siamese:

It has an original look of the breed and originates from Thailand. It is larger compared to other Siamese cats. The cats of this kind are characterized by apple-shaped and round heads with round eyes. They are also less vocal than other cat breeds.

Classic-old style Siamese:

It was one of the common cats between the 1950s and 1970s and was referred to as the Thai cat. The cats are characterized by moderately wedge-shaped, muscular, and slender faces and heads. They have longer legs than the traditional Siamese and have tapered and long tails.

Modern Siamese:

It is also known as the exotic and is very famous in cat registries and shows. It has an oversized wedged-shaped face and head. It also has whip-like and long tails, slims legs, large and long legs.

Check the Physical characteristics.

By looking at the most identifiable physical features of the Siamese cats, you can easily know whether your cat is a Siamese or not by looking at it. Although it can be tedious to use the physical features in telling if your cat is part Siamese, you can try to match the following Siamese traits.


A point coloration characterizes the Siamese cats. In particular, their main body has a light shade of cream, and the tails, paws, and ears have a darker coloration.

The dark sections of the light-colored body as referred to as points. In other words, the dark part is a genetic feature of the Siamese cats, and these cats are expected to have a point of coloration.

Even if your car does not have a point of coloration, it might produce a point-colored kitten. Such a case happens because of the recessive gene nature.

Therefore, if your cat does not follow the specified pattern of color, you should not be disappointed. It will mean that it can be a part Siamese.


The blue color of the eyes forms the most identifiable feature of the Siamese cat. Their color shades can range from a darker ocean blue to a lighter blue shade. The shape of the eyes resembles the almonds. Therefore, if your cat has brown or green eyes colors, it is not a Siamese.

Look at the coat type of the cat.

Siamese cats have cream-colored, fine, and short fur in most areas of their bodies. They also have darker fur in the tail, paws, face, and ears. 

The point coloration or darker points is due to the unique gene which regulates body temperature. The standard color coat pattern of the Siamese breed include:

Seal paint: brown or dark coat patches

Chocolate point: light brown coat patches

Lilac point: gray or light coat patches

Bluepoint: blue or gray coat patches.

Check the behavioral features.

 The Siamese cats have an amiable, talkative, and outgoing behavior which is different from other breeds. Therefore, you can compare the behavioral feature to determine if your cat is a part Siamese or not.

Outgoing personality traits

The Siamese cats are friendly and talkative to people and other cats. If your cat is fond of you, it will have the habit of following you at every place of your home. Therefore, if your cat shows similar personality traits of staying near, it can be a Siamese cat.

Also, the Siamese is an intelligent breed and needs significant human interaction. Therefore, if you mostly stay away from your home, the cat cannot be the best breed for you. Apart from that, the Siamese cats are affectionate, protective, and loyal to human beings.


The Siamese cats are vocal because they have a low-pitched voice referred to as Weezer. Most cat owners regard the cats as the loudest breed globally.


The Siamese cats have high maintenance because of their moody behavior and need for attention. They require utmost affection and love. If you do not offer them adequate attention, they will become anxious and depressed.

DNA testing

To effectively determine if your cat is a part Siamese, you can consult your vet to conduct DNA testing. In this case, the vet will use the hair follicles and blood test to reach the results.

How to identify a Siamese kitten?

If you adopt a kitten at a young age, you can find it challenging to tell if it is a part Siamese. In maturity, you can look at its fur and immediately know that it is a Siamese.

However, when you look at the kitten fur, it cannot work because a purebred Siamese is not born with the coloring that they develop in their later years in life. In particular, baby Siamese has pure white color.

They develop dark spots on their paws and faces. The only physical characteristic of which remains constant is the bright blue eyes.

Are Siamese cats a rare breed

The Siamese breeds originated from 14th to 18th centuries in Thailand. Previously people considered the Siamese aristocratic because royal families owned them.

With time the royal families who owned the cats started to give them gifts and traded them with other countries. Consequently, the breed becomes more common globally. Currently, the Siamese breed is not considered a rare breed.

Although it might not be a 100 percent purebred Siamese, it is regarded as the 12th most popular breed in the US.

How can you identify a tabby-pointed Siamese?

The tabby pointed Siamese has tripes around their cheeks, eyes, and legs. They have a long tail and are marked with different color rings. The tabby has a body shape similar to that of the Siamese, and its coat begins to darken.

The tabby Siamese is available in various colors, including chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, caramel, red, cinnamon, and apricot. The breed has blue eyes and triangular-shaped ears like the Siamese.

The color of their ears is outlined with that of the stripes on the face. The cats are also intelligent and loyal like the Siamese, and they are the best pets you can keep if you love friendly cats because they love to play. However, the tabby breed is not very local like other breeds.

Can a Tabby or black cat have Siamese?

A black cat or tabby can give birth to a kitten that appears like a Siamese. Such a case can happen since ordinary cats have many genes transmitted to the next generation.

In particular, at some point in the family lineage, a Siamese cat might have mated with another breed, making the features displayed later in life. However, you will not have a guarantee of the following cat looking like a Siamese.

Maybe only one cat out of the crossbred cats can look like a Siamese. It means that purebred cats will produce true Siamese cats, and every kitten will have the associated features. Therefore, technically, a tabby cannot give birth to a Siamese cat, and only two Siamese cats can produce Siamese offspring.

Since the ancestry of the tabby can comprise of cats from several breeds, a black cat or tabby can be bred and give birth to a kitten with similar features to that of a Siamese.

What is a mixed breed cat of Siamese?

A mixed Siamese cat is a crossbreed. It can range from a black cat Siamese to a tabby Siamese mix.

The current Siamese cats differ from those bred in the past decades because they have blue almond-shaped eyes and wedge-shaped heads.

Generally, a cat which a Siamese gene is regarded as a Siamese mix, and the only way you can determine the accurate identification of your cat is by gene testing.

Also, the breeder should offer you the certification of the breed of cat.