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How Much is a Flame Point Siamese Worth

Siamese cats are undoubtedly one of the most popular breeds amongst cat lovers, flaunting loveable personalities and stunning appearances to match. But, some variants can be far pricier than many other cat breeds. So, how much is a flame point Siamese cat worth?

Flame Point Siamese cats cost between $400 and $1000 but can cost around $2000 when bought from a reputable breeder. This coat variant is rare, making them highly sought after. The cat’s age, ancestry, and the breeder’s vetting investments will affect the expected price.

You may be weighing up your options while choosing which cat breed to welcome into your home, or perhaps you’ve eyed a flame point Siamese cat that has a blueish-white body, slate grey noses, and blue-colored eyes and are wondering if the high price is justified.

Stick around to find out how much you could expect to pay for a flame point Siamese cat or kitten.

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How Expensive is a Flame Point Siamese?

Flame point Siamese cats, otherwise known as Red Point, are hard to locate as they are pretty rare. Since they are so hard to find, they can cost up to $2000 or even more when bought from a reputable breeder. Although, there isn’t much difference between them and others within the breed.

The higher price of flame point Siamese cats predominantly involves the scarcity of the coat pattern. The rarer the coat variant, the more expensive it will be. They are the rarest variant within the Siamese cat breed, making them the most expensive available.

However, there are a few factors that may make them more or less expensive. Assess these factors when weighing up your costs to ensure you get value for money. Not all breeders are equal in their methods, so you should always remember to ask related questions when discussing prices with sellers.

Reputable Breeders

Some breeders are dedicated to achieving the highest quality possible, dependent on parents, genetics, and health screenings. In most cases, they will aim to provide ones intended for showcase purposes, which will likely cost much more than other breeders.

In these cases, they may even cost more than many purebred adult cats. The higher prices at these breeders are not without good reason, though. They take extra care when raising their kittens from a young age and often spend substantial amounts of money on vetting.

The breed is relatively healthy when it comes to any health issues. A Siamese Breeder will often witness mammary tumors and progressive retinal atrophy in this breed. Most Siamese cats live well beyond 12 years of age.

The most reputable breeders guarantee purebreds, as it is possible to find a flame point Siamese cat mixed with other cat breeds. Most breeders offer the necessary paperwork which confirms the cat’s pedigree, bloodline, and health.

Age of Flame Point Cat

On a broad scale, flame point Siamese kittens cost more than adults. There are various reasons for this, most of which are the same compared to other cat breeds. Flame point Siamese kittens are usually in higher demand compared to adults, especially if the owner wishes to train them to be entered in showcases. This naturally means that kittens would have a higher price than older cats.

Flame Point Siamese Cat Prices

While the most reputable breeders require higher prices for higher quality and purebred flame point Siamese cats, there are some cases where you may be able to locate one for a lower price.

It is possible to find a flame point Siamese cat for around $400 – $1000. Only pedigree or champion bred flame point Siamese cats should cost around $2000 or more.

Flame Point Siamese Cats on a Budget

If you are lucky enough to find a flame point Siamese cat being housed at a rescue shelter or adoption center, you’ll be pleased to know this scenario may afford a nice balance between cost and quality.

Most of these agencies show love and kindness to their cats and invest by vaccinating them, giving treatments, and spaying them.

Since these agencies are generally more focused on sheltering cats and finding warm homes for them, they usually aren’t too fussed about making profits.

In many cases, the cost of the cat will mostly cover the agency’s expenses, and you may not need to pay as much for such a rare breed variant compared to other cats.

This type of situation would be perfect for a flame point Siamese cat-lover on a budget, but it would require a massive stroke of luck to find one. Register yourself as a potential parent at agencies and shelters.

Hopefully, they may come across a flame point Siamese cat for you to adopt at some point. However, there will be a grey area concerning their background and bloodline.

How Much Do Siamese Cats Usually Cost?

On a broad scale, Siamese cats with classic seal point or blue point coat patterns can cost anywhere between $100 and $1000, depending on how they have been bred and cared for.

The costs will be higher when purchased from breeders that ensure the highest quality possible for litters, similar to flame point Siamese cats.

Siamese cats that have traditional coat patterns are much easier to find outside of reputable breeders.

If you are not planning to enter your Siamese cat into professional competitions and showcases, finding a Siamese cat somewhere else may be worth it. For some comparison, we’ve compiled the differences between Siamese cat prices amongst 223 owners.

Price Range for Siamese CatsPercentage of Owners Who Paid This Price
Under $10033%
$100 – $30026%
$300 – $60023%
$600 – $100010%
$1000 – $ 15006%
$1500 and above2%

When purchased from adoption centers and private sellers, the costs should be far lower than breeders. However, this does not necessarily mean you’ll be saving as much money as you may think.

Although reputable breeders charge substantial prices, the costs often cover necessary services, such as spaying, vaccinations, and treatments. Not all individual sellers and agencies will afford these benefits.

How Much Should I Pay for a Siamese Kitten?

You can expect to pay around $1000. Flame point Siamese kittens usually cost around $1500, or around $2000 if they are pedigree. There are some cases where a traditional purebred Siamese kitten may be available for $300 – $400 or less, but this can be coupled with a few risks.

The price you pay will mainly depend on where you buy it, the vetting bills covered by the seller or breeder, and its age. Buying a purebred is quite an investment, and you should have access to the relevant paperwork to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Buying a Siamese Kitten from a Breeder

If you are adamant about buying a purebred Siamese cat, your best bet is to find a breeder or an adoption agency. There are a few things you should inquire about before going ahead, as these factors may justify higher prices.

  • Ask the breeder for references.
  • Ask your vet about the breeder in question; perhaps they can provide insight.
  • Check out the breeder’s website and previous litters.
  • Consult online forums to gain valuable insight about the particular breeder or other places that offer the same breed.
  • Ask the breeder if you can have a look at the premises. All reputable breeders and agencies should treat their animals like family, and you’ll be able to tell if the cats receive as much love and care as the breeder claims.
  • Ask to see the medical records and paperwork for the kitten, such as vaccinations, treatments, health history, and pedigree.
  • All kittens should be properly weaned unless you are getting the cat from an adoption or rescue agency that may not have control over the cats’ ages before leaving their mothers.
  • Assess the breeder or agency’s interest in you. Many reputable breeders and agencies have their own requirements and may need to conduct home inspections and background checks before selling the kitten to you. If they do not have protocols, it’s a red flag that shows they may not care about their kittens as much as they’ve claimed.

If the breeder or agency ticks all of these boxes, paying higher prices may be worth it. If not, it may be better to seek a Siamese kitten elsewhere as you will not have much ground to stand on concerning the kitten’s background, health, and care.

Buying a Siamese Kitten from an Individual

If you purchase a flame point Siamese cat from a private seller, you will need to take risks accompanied by lower costs.

While the seller could provide proof of health, there is no evidence of their bloodline or pedigree, meaning it may be a mixed breed. The same could be said for adoption or rescue centers, but they are quite transparent about this.

The kitten may not have received proper vetting, and while you may think this isn’t a big deal, it can become problematic and expensive in the long run.

Vetting bills for spaying or neutering, vaccines, deworming, and immune booster shots can cost hundreds of dollars when conducted at a private vet. In many cases, you may not save as much money as you thought.

Flame point Siamese kittens are charming, have wonderful personality traits, the life of a young family, loving, and stunning in aesthetic.

They are hard to find, but it’s not impossible. Regardless of where you decide to purchase your new fluffy feline, always make sure you ask the right questions and do a thorough background check on the seller before going ahead.


Do Flame Point Siamese Get Along With Other Cats

They get along with other cats and bond with them, although they prefer to be the only cat. Flame Point Siamese Cats are pretty independent and can occasionally get aggressive with other cats. But, overall, they have an excellent relationship with other felines and can be very affectionate.