How do you Tame a Female Budgie?

Your female budgies can be difficult as they could get aggressive sometimes. Good news, you could tame her quite easily once you understand what drives her. Once she is under control, you can be certain that you just found yourself a new buddy.

Female Budgies can be tamed when they are newly adopted, and this could happen in a few weeks. They can be more protective than male budgies, and it makes them defensive by nature. But, with the right understanding, they can become as friendly as any other bird would.

If you want them tamed, friendly, and less aggressive with you and your other birds, then keep reading. If you also need some info on what could pacify your peeved female budgie, then you are in luck. Keep reading for more details.

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Are Female Budgies More Aggressive?

Your female budgie is more aggressive than her male counterparts. She has more hormonal triggers, which is a major cause of her aggression. Your female budgie gets violent when they want to mate, unlike the males.

Also, your female budgie is more protective of her home and resources than your males. She feels the burden rests on her to keep others safe in the cage.

If you try introducing a new bird into her nest, she feels the urge to keep her other buddies protected from the stranger.

Why is my Female Budgie so Aggressive?

Just a bite from your peeved budgie should tell you she is having a bad day. You already know that your female budgie can get hostile sometimes. Now, the question is why? Well, they are aggressive when placed in several conditions.

Female Budgies are Territorial

Your female budgie can get aggressive when her home is invaded. She regards herself as the queens of their cage or nest. So, when her authority is threatened, she lashes out on the threat.

She doesn’t appreciate new budgies in her home unannounced.  If you are bringing in a new bird into the cave, you’ll need her permission.

You could also expand the cage until she settles into the change you are introducing. If your new bird has her compartment with a different food and water bowl, then they could live together. You might even need to put up a wall between their homes so you wouldn’t have a pissed budgie.

If your female budgie still doesn’t accept the change, then you should build up a new cage. You must realize that a female budgie could even fight off other males from her home. If she is already connected to a male, then she wouldn’t want another hovering by her side.   

She is Under Hormonal Stress

If your budgie’s hormone begins to fluctuate, they become stressed and easily irritated. She would barely seek the company of other females until she is past it. She might simply require breeding.

You could handle this by pairing her with an acceptable male budgie. If you can’t make this happen, she might try mating with a toy or simply perch. Still, she might even lay eggs, but they would be infertile without a male counterpart.

You can end your female budgie’s hormonal cycle with the amount of daylight you provide her. With 10-12 hours of sunlight a day, she should be fine in no time. I would also suggest that you isolated her for the next three to six weeks.

Budgies are Very Needy of Attention

If you have more than two budgies in a cage, and of different genders, your females may fight over the males. By now, you should have noticed that the fights are majorly between budgies of similar genders. Well, your females might be striving for the interest of a male bird.

On the side, some male budgies also do the same thing.

You and Your Budgie Might be Butting Heads

Just as you would with other humans, your budgie may not mix well. She could have no interest in living with the new bird you introduced. She might not feel threatened, but she still doesn’t want your newest addition.

So, if you have no other choice, I’d advise that you provided her with a separate cage. You could also place a mirror or anything that makes her feel alone. Your female budgie may not necessarily need a playmate. You shouldn’t worry about getting her engaged.  

Still, your budgie may become aggressive due to some other reasons. They may include:

  • She may have learned the act from other members of her flock in the past.
  • She may also be trying to signal you when she is in pain.
  • Your female budgie may become aggressive when she is no longer comfortable with her housing.
  • Your female budgie may also become hostile as a result of a poor diet.
  • Your bird may be showing you those signs due to fear. This is most likely when she is a new bird in your flock.
  • Also, your bird may get aggressive when she is frustrated or stress about something.

There are also things you might need to consider when you female budgie gets aggressive:

  • You could try visiting your budgie, as she could become more comfortable with your presence.
  • Try soothing your budgie with nice words.
  • Ensure you don’t get her out of the cage in the peak of her anger. She might hurt you, as well.

How Long Does it Take to Tame a Budgie?

A new budgie would take between 3- 4 weeks before it gets tamed. Some budgies may take longer or less, as they are all different. But, you should be able to work your budgie domestic, in less than two months.

Your budgie’s taming speed is also affected by its experience with humans. I would suggest that you tried understanding your budgie and apply a bit of patience. Your budgie’s temperament could also play a determining role. Some are a bit more jovial than others.

If you need help getting your budgie tamed, then you should follow these tips:

  • Allow your budgie to become familiar with its new home.
  • Try interacting with your budgie. You can start by just holding out your hands for her or, speaking soothingly. 
  • You could also offer her food directly from your hand. Ensure your hand is stable enough for her sitting position. Sometimes your budgie may want to perch while you fed it.
  • You shouldn’t, at any point, try grabbing your new bird forcibly.
  • You should also encourage your budgie to perch on your hands by placing your finger on its chest.
  • Your budgie might bite your hands sometimes but, you shouldn’t relent.
  • You could also try bringing her out of the cage sometimes. That would make her trust you more but, ensure all your windows and doors are closed.
  • You could also show your bird other parts of your home. This should make it feel like a part of your home. But, ensure your rooms are clean before they get into the room.

Are Female Budgies Friendly?

You might doubt your female budgie’s social nature, probably because of her possible hostility. Well, your female budgie is just like her male counterparts. She could talk, bond, and even bond with humans, and fellow birds are well.

Suppose you are worried that you might not get along with your pet. She wants to be friends as much as you also want to. Just give her a little time to settle in, and you’ve got a new buddy.

You might also realize a slight difference if you have more than one female budgie. Just as humans, they all come with different personalities. One of your female budgies may be less friendly than another.


So… How do you tame a female budgie? For you to tame a female budgie, you would need to understand a few things about their nature. Female budgies are quite relentless birds. You would need a bit of patience to get them calm.

However, if she is taking more than you bargained, it could be as a result of her temperament.