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Can Two Labrador’s Live Together?

When adding an addition to your home, it is important that you know the best thing for you and your family.  Having more than one addition can be fun and exciting but is it the right thing for you?

Can two Labrador’s live together?  Having two Labradors is something that can work depending on what kind of home you have and what kind of family dynamics you are hoping for.  Have two Labrador’s at the same time will most likely not be easy, so make sure that you are prepared when deciding on two.

If you are looking for your puppies to have someone to have companionship with, chances are that you would want to get puppies from the same litter so that they could grow up together. 

If you are used to have and raising dogs, you might find that having two Labrador’s at the same time will work out perfect for you and your family, but if you are not experienced, you might become overwhelmed, especially at first.

It is very normal for people to go and to pick out two puppies out of the same litter because we all want our pets to settle in together and to be happy.  Many owners feel that their puppy will be much happier by having a playmate right at he is beginning and that they will not get lonely or bored.

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Will My Labrador Bond with a Puppy the Same Age?

When you decide to get two puppies out of the same litter, chances are that the puppies will bond very well because they will be the same age and have the same things in common. At this age, most of the puppies will want to play, yelp, chew on things and together they can do this. 

The problem with the puppies bonding with each other is that the puppies may not bond with their owners as well as they are bonding with each other.  This can cause there to be some heartache if you are wanting your puppy to bond with you the most.

If you are hoping to have a puppy that is loyal only to you, getting two puppies of the same age might not be the best idea because the puppy will most likely find one friend to bond with and in a home where there is another puppy, it might just be that puppy that it bonds with.

In order to really bond with your Labrador puppy, you need to be the center of the puppy’s world and it is hard to do this when there are two puppies, unless you are willing to separate them constantly throughout the day.

What is “Littermate Syndrome?”

Littermate Syndrome is a scientific study of puppies that come from the same litter and form a strong bond.  When this happens, the puppies will get very close to each other and they will be sad if they are away from each other, even for a short period of time. 

This syndrome is mainly known when families get puppies from the same litter.  This can be very stressful for any household and can make it hard for the owners because they have a hard time keeping the puppies happy unless they are always together.

Is it Better for Me to Get Labrador Puppies from Different Litters?

Getting puppies from different litters at the same age might be a better fit for most families.  When this happens, it requires the puppies to have to get to know each other and the owners so it is easier for them to bond with more than one person. 

One great thing about getting puppies that are the same age is that they will be around the same weight and height and they will be around the same aggressiveness and playfulness.  If you are getting different breeds of dogs, you might see a lot of size difference and strength but staying with the same breed will help the dogs have an equal playing field.

Is it Better to Get Puppies of Different Ages?

Getting puppies of different ages can be concerning for people that are wanting the puppies to bond with each other.  Since you will have a puppy that is part of your family and has bonded with their owner, bringing in another puppy will make it harder for the new puppy to bond with either the puppy or with the owner.

Bringing in a new puppy could cause the new puppy to be stressed and to be withdrawn.  Also, you never know the personality of the different puppies and so you will never be sure if the new puppy is going to be able to be a good fit or not.

If you decide that you are going to get a new puppy after a while, it is best to wait until your first puppy is around two years of age.  When your puppy reaches two years of age, he or she should be completely changed and is approaching adulthood. 

If you wait then to get a new puppy, you will have a chance to not only bond with both puppies, but you will teach your older puppy to be more socialized.  Make sure that the two dogs are able to play well together when making your decision on a second puppy.

Can My Older Labrador Get Along with a Puppy?

Most Labrador Retriever’s are known for being very sociable dogs and unless they have not been around people hardly any, chances are that they will get along with your new puppy very well. 

A dog that is older will be much more tolerant of a puppy than a younger dog of the same breed.  The older dog will allow the puppy to play, bite and jump on them without biting them or getting angry.

Remember that puppies that are around 6-12 months of age can be very hyper and will not know how to play calmly.  This means that your puppy will most likely be rough and will be very playful.

 Puppies that are older than 12 months might not be as sociable and will be fearful of play or intimidated by other dogs in the house. If you see that your puppy is not socializing well with the other dogs, you might need to consider crate training the new puppy or at least finding a place where he or she can go to be alone more than the other dogs.

How Do I Get My Two Labrador Puppies to Bond?

If you have two Labrador puppies, they will basically be the same size and aggressiveness as each other. 

Sometimes though, there will be smaller puppies in the group and these puppies will have an easier time bonding with their puppy sibling.  Once again, the problem is that these puppies might not bond as well with their owner and so when they are older, they might not be as close to you as you hoped.

In order to try to stop this, make sure that you spend as much time with each puppy as you can.  Try and get time with your puppy separate from the other puppy so that you can bond with both of them at an equal level. 

How Can I House Train More Than One Labrador?

It is extremely important that you help to teach both of your Labrador’s to be house trained. You have to remember that puppies are like babies and they will have accidents.  If you have an older puppy, they will be less likely to have accidents but if they smell pee or poop from the smaller puppy, you might see them regress in their housetraining. 

If they begin to regress, do not run out and give them away, just be more persistent and spend more time keeping your puppy crated until they figure out the potty situation.

How Do I Crate Train Two Puppies?

If you decide that you are crate training your two Labrador puppies, make sure that you have two crates.  This is very important because remember, your Labrador puppy will grow up to be a large dog and they will eventually not fit in the same crate.

At night or when you go to bed, put your Lab’s in their own crate for the night.  At first, you might notice that your puppy is wetting their sleeping area.  If you have chosen to get a large crate, buy some dividers in order to not give them an area to potty in. Most puppies will not wet in the area where they are sleeping.

How Can I Train My Two Labrador Puppies?

In order to train your puppy, make sure to do one on one training and do not start by trying to train them together.  By separating them, your puppy can get the individual training that is needed. 

If you are wanting to train your dogs to walk on a leash, doing them both at a time is almost impossible.  You need to take time with each of your puppies and let them master their training before training them together.

Should I Play with My Puppies Separately?

Spending alone time with each puppy is very important for you to be able to bond with both of the puppies. 

Do not worry that you are neglecting one over the other.  Having time away from each other is healthy and can help to give you a stronger bond with both of the puppies. 

It is important that the puppy’s bond with each other because they need to be able to live with each other and be happy.  It is easier to see this happen if you have a dog by itself for a year before bringing in a new puppy.

Make sure if you choose to go with one or two puppies that you spend a large amount of time bonding with them in every chance that you get. 

Allow your puppies to have short periods of play time with each other on the times that you are bonding with them.  This will show them that you are not punishing them by separating them for a short amount of time.

Do Labrador Retriever’s Get Along with Other Pets?

Labrador Retriever’s are known for being very friendly and sociable dogs.  Even though this is not true for all Labrador Retriever dogs, most Labs are known for being friendly and for making new friends. 

Most Labrador’s can get along well with other dogs in the family or with other pets in general such as rabbits, birds and cats.  It is important to make sure that you follow some tips in order to make sure that introducing your Labrador can be introduced to their new sibling in a healthy way:

  • Introduce Them Early.
  • Help Them to Adjust to a New Pet.
  • Try to Match Personalities.

Introducing Them Early

When bringing in a new pet, try to make sure that you introduce them to other pets almost immediately after you bring them home.  It is important that you pay close attention at this time and that you keep all of the pets safe.

If your Labrador begins to nip or bark or acts threatened, try to separate them until another time so that they can try again at another time.  Just because they have a hard first meeting does not mean that they will not later be able to get along.  Be patient and loving and this will encourage them to do the same.

Help Them to Adjust to a New Pet

Try to allow your animals to adjust to each other by giving them their own spaces. Make sure that you do not interrupt their life and that you give them their own space if they are having a hard time to adjust.

If you need to keep your pets separated from each other for any amount of time, using a baby gate or a separating gate can help to give your pets their own personal space. 

For example, if you are introducing your Labrador to a cat, make sure that the cat has a separate place where their litter box is so that they can have their own privacy if needed. 

Try to Match Personalities

If you are bringing in a new Labrador or another pet, try to match the personalities of the pet that already lives with you.  For example, if your Labrador Retriever is very sociable, try to find an animal that is not shy or timid.

On the other hand, if your Labrador is shy and timid, bring in an animal that is not too hyper or overly excitable. 

Doing this can help both of your pets be able to adjust to one another.  This can make introducing a new pet and bringing new pets into your home less stressful.

Why Can Having Two Labrador’s Work Well?

Most Labrador Retriever’s have amazing personalities and are known for being patient and tolerant and very accepting.  With their easygoing personalities, Labrador Retriever’s are amazing at allowing new additions into their home and their families.

The Labrador’s personality makes it much easier to bring other pets into the home and allows for a safe and secure place for the pets to be able to live happily together. 

It is very important that you allow your Labrador to form their own relationship after introducing them to another pet.  Doing this can allow your Labrador to feel like he or she is in control and that they are not being forced to love the other pet.  Chances are that your Labrador will ease into the relationship with your other pet without any problems.

What If Your Labrador Does Not Get Along at First?

If you feel that your Labrador Retriever is resisting getting along with the new pet, try to not force the issue.  Allow them to get along together on their own by doing things to get them together. 

Take them for a walk together or play games where both of them are involved.  Allow them to set their own boundaries because pushing them could cause fights that everyone hopes to avoid.

Remember that dogs are very territorial, and chances are that your Labrador will get into many fights with your other pet.  Do not be too concerned about this because it is natural for animals to be territorial.  They will eventually work it out and become best friends.


It is always an okay situation to have two Labrador Retriever’s in one home and you can even bring them in at the same time as long as you are prepared to do so.  Make sure that you know that your life can be extremely different when you bring in two Labrador puppies at one time and that you can expect there to be quite a bit of chaos at first.

Remember that Labrador Retriever’s have great personalities and are very loyal so having two Labrador Retrievers can be very fulfilling and can help to make the life of your pets and yourself very happy.