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Can Labrador’s Have Blue Eyes?

When bringing a new Labrador Retriever into your home, it is important to know if you are getting a pure bred or if you are getting a mixed Labrador.

Can Labrador’s have blue eyes?  Pure bred Labradors can only have brown, black or yellow eyes.  If your Labrador has blue eyes, chances are that your Labrador is not a purebred Labrador. 

Labrador’s according to what kind of Labrador they are will have different colored eyes.  A chocolate lab will have hazel or brown eyes, a Yellow Lab will have brown eyes and a Black Labrador will also have brown eyes.

Even though it is very rare, some Labrador Retriever dogs will have green or yellow-green eyes. 

My Labrador Puppy Is Born with Blue Eyes…Will This Change?

When a puppy is born, their eyes stay closed for usually up until 14 days.  At that point of their lives, they open their eyes and most of the time, your puppy’s eyes will be blue. 

Even though most Labrador Retriever puppies are born with blue eyes, starting at the age of 12 weeks old, you will see your Labrador Retriever’s eyes change to their permanent color.  Some Labrador Retriever’s eyes do not change to their real eye color even up until the age of 16 weeks of age.

When your Labrador Retriever turns between 3-4 weeks old, you are able to get a slight look at what color your Lab’s eyes are going to be.  Their color will start to show up, even though it might not completely take over the whole eye at this point. 

What Color Labrador Retriever Should I Get?

If you are thinking about getting a Labrador but you do not know what color Lab to get, here are some tips of what is different between all of the different Labs.

There are basically three different types of Labrador Retriever’s being Yellow Labs, Chocolate Labs and Black Labs.  Each of these types of Labrador’s have been associated with different jobs.

Yellow Labrador

The Yellow Labrador is associated with being a guide dog for people that are blind.  This type of Labrador usually has a very good personality and is known to be easy to train and to love everyone that they meet.

Even though Yellow Labradors are often times made to be guide dogs, these types of dogs are also very good at just being a pet.

Fox Red Labradors

The Fox Red Labrador is another type of Yellow Labrador.  These Labs are different only because they have an orange tint to their coats. 

Even though they do not have their own color category, they are considered to be part of the Yellow Lab group.

Fawn Labrador

The Fawn Labrador is another subgroup of the Yellow Labrador.  This Lab is more yellow than the Fox Red, but it is darker than the Yellow Lab.  Even though it is considered a Yellow Lab, many breeders will refer to it as a Fawn Labrador.

Chocolate Labrador

Chocolate Labradors are known for being either pet dogs or dogs that are show dogs.  Chocolate Labrador dogs are known for being show dogs in circuses and in the ring for many years.

Now though, Chocolate Labradors are known to be good hunters.  Many of the owners have seen a difference in what their Chocolate Labradors can do and many of them have begun to win awards.

Black Labradors

Black Labradors are known for being good hunting dogs.  The great thing about Black Labradors is that they have become very amazing companions and they are perfect pets. 

Even though we think they are very cute, they are one of the least picked Labrador colors out of all of the other Labradors.

What Are Other Types of Labrador Retrievers?

Beyond the three popular Labrador Retrievers, there are other Labs that are not as common. 

The Silver Labrador has come about because they have had their genes diluted which causes some people to not want to have this type of Lab.

It is important that you talk to the breeder or our vet before you decide to purchase a Lab that has diluted genes.

Which Color Lab Should I Choose?

Even though choosing a certain color is a preference, the real question should be if you want to get a show or a working Labrador.

A show Labrador will most likely be a little smaller because and will not be as muscular as working Labradors.  They will be lighter, and they will not be as hard of workers as working dogs.

A working Labrador is going to be larger and more muscular.  If you are looking for a Labrador to be your partner in activities such as playing and long-distance running, then having a working dog will be a better choice for you. 

Should I Get a Rescue Labrador?

Anytime that you are able to get a rescue dog, it is better than purchasing from a breeder, for many reasons. 

The first reason is that these dogs that are at rescue centers need a forever home.  If you decide to take a rescue, you are giving the dog to have a happy life for the rest of their life. 

Another reason to get a rescue Labrador is if you are looking for a dog that is past their puppy stage and is in adulthood. 

Rescue dogs will love their new homes and they will work hard to make sure that you are pleased with them, making their life better and making them easier to train and to get used to their new home. 

Rescue dogs are loveable and happy when they get in their new homes because they are desperately looking for a forever family to call their own. 

What Do Labrador Retriever’s Look Like?

Labrador Retriever’s can be a variety of colors, but most of them have the same types of bodies.  They are considered to be medium to large dogs and they are known for their dual coat that they have.

Labrador Retriever’s have large bodies, up to 24 inches long and some of them are as heavy as 80 pounds.  Labrador Retriever’s have long legs and webbed feet. 

Labrador Retriever’s have medium size ears that hang down and a thick tail.  The are covered with short hair that sheds a lot in the winter and in the summer months to help them to stay healthy and warm.

What Kind of Temperament Do Labrador’s Have?

Most Labrador Retriever dogs are very popular because of their amazing personalities.  Most Labs are known for being loving, kind, patient, fun, happy, eager, energetic, caring and loyal.

Labrador Retriever’s love to play and to be energetic.  They crave having attention and being around their human. 

Most Labrador Retriever’s are able to get along with other animals and pets because they love to be sociable and to get to know new people and other animals. 

Even though while puppies, Labrador Retriever’s can be a little bit destructive, if you learn to understand their personality and give them a lot of exercise, your Labrador puppy will learn to be calm and to make an amazing pet.

How Much Exercise Does My Labrador Need?

Since Labrador Retriever’s are so large, they are very active.  It is important that you take time out of your day to make sure that your Labrador has plenty of exercise and fun.

As a rule of thumb, most Labrador dogs that are adults, need to have at least an hour and a half of exercise on a daily basis. 

If you find that you are not able to give your Labrador the exercise that he or she needs, you will find that your dog will become bored, agitated and will have a lot of extra energy.  This can lead to your Labrador being aggressive and destructive.


When a Labrador Retriever is born, rather it is a Yellow Lab, a Black Lab or a Chocolate Lab, your Lab will have blue eyes.  As your puppy grows older, close to 12-16 weeks old, your Lab’s eyes will change color and will take on the permanent eye color that he or she is going to have.

Choosing the right Labrador Retriever should not be based on what color Labrador that you want or based on his or her eye color, but it is important to figure out if you want to have a show dog, a working dog or just a pet.  All of these things can determine what type of dog you are getting.

Sometimes, people are looking to be helpful and purchasing a Labrador Retriever form a rescue home can be very beneficial both to the Lab and to their new home.  Rescue dogs sometimes have the best personalities and if you want a dog that will be forever grateful, then get a rescue dog.