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Are Siamese Cats Protective

Siamese cats have been living with humans for a long time. This led to a strong bond between the cats and the humans, resulting in an attachment.

The bond has made them adapt and get used to living with humans and enjoying the human company for years.

They were once highly regarded as a royal and sacred breed.

However, with that strong bond and attachment, are the Siamese cats protective of their owners?

Siamese cats are very protective of their owners. So protective that they will put their lives at risk for the safety of their companion. This protective nature dates to ancient times when they were used as guardians of the temples. They also have sharp instincts that allow them to act on an impulse to save their owners. 

They are the most protective cat breed. Once they become attached to you, they will be on guard at all times and very vigilant to watch out for you. They will be like your personal bodyguard.

They have an excellent ability to assess and analyze dangers and threats to ensure that their companion is well protected. Anything strange or out of routine will trigger a Siamese cat to act in defense. They will demonstrate extreme aggression like jumping or clawing to defend their owner.

Want to find out exciting features about Siamese cats? Do you want to know why this cat is so loyal to you?  Read on.

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The Siamese Personality

The Siamese cat is active but not hyperactive. It has a long, sleek body that is often coupled with slender legs. The ears are large and pointed with wide-set eyes of varying colors.

The personality of the Siamese cat is often described as one who loves to bask in the sun and be petted on the head or back.

They are known for being loyal pets who love their human companions as much as they do their independence.

Do Siamese Cats Get Attached To One Person?

The royal Siamese cats have, for a long time, been known for their affectionate nature. They may, however, tend to be selective in showing their affection. It won’t be strange to notice your cat being so close to one person and neglecting everyone else.

The Siamese cats are known to choose whom they will be attached to. They will selectively pick their favorite person and stick with them most of the time.

This is a natural behavior for these cats.

Nonetheless, this does not apply to the entire population of the Siamese breed. There are other breeds of the Siamese that don’t have a favorite. They will bond well with everyone in the house and enjoy everyone’s company equally.

When a Siamese cat is attached to you, you will quickly notice. This affectionate breed is known to have great affection for kittens, and it will be hard for them to keep their love and attachment elusive.

One common thing about a Siamese is that it will always follow its favorite person everywhere in the house. They will also jump on your lap or your bed whenever you are sitting or sleeping to gain your full attention.

The Siamese is not the type of cat that will get bored and sleep in a corner when their favorite person is in the house. They will come and demand your attention at all times. From the loud yowls to long-drawn meows and sharp chirps, you won’t avoid them for long.

How the Siamese pick their favorite person is still a question that many don’t understand yet. Many people say that the cat is a selfish creature and its relationship with a human family is solely for their gain.

Conversely, for the Siamese, you may be the one taking care of it, but it will still choose someone else in the house.

Are Siamese Cats Good Guard Cats? 

They were initially bred in Thailand and were used as temple guards. They were explicitly placed at the columns to guard the king. The ancient Thailand Siamese breed was so trusted when it came to matters of safeguarding.

The recent Siamese species is, in fact, more adapted and therefore very efficient in guarding than the old Siamese breed.

When it comes to guarding, the Siamese breed is the best among cats. It has sharp instincts that allow it to react to dangers very fast.

Additionally, the Siamese breed has impeccable assessment and analyzing skills that will enable it to read a dangerous situation and act on time.

This breed was used to guard the king because of its excellent skills in defending. Siamese cats have an advanced and more potent protective quality, and it was for this reason, they were used as royal cats to guard the royal treasures.

They are brilliant and intelligent cat breeds. Siamese will keep track of who enters your home. In the case of a stranger or even a distant relative, the cat may act aggressively towards them.

These are all parts of their protective nature of the household and natural guarding mechanism.

Their sharp guarding skills sometimes mislead them to judge social situations as being dangerous.

The Siamese may at times charge towards a peaceful playing person or when a stranger comes closer to its companion. It may even claw them.

You may find that your Siamese cat hisses, scratches, or will even attack when he feels threatened.

Though this may seem like a dangerous trait, it is also a way of showing how good of a guard the Siamese cat can make.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Loyal?

They are one of the most loyal friends to humans. These cats tend to form strong bonds with humans and become loyal to them to the extent of protecting them from dangers.

Once you have one in your home, it automatically becomes part of your family because of its personality, love, and loyalty.

What makes the Siamese this loyal to man is, first, because it’s in their nature to be so, and secondly, because of the bonds and attachment, it develops with humans over time. This happens primarily because of how humans take good care of the cats.

When the Siamese are taken good care of, they develop a soft spot for the caregiver and become very loyal.

They may also become jealous of other pets in the house because they want to enjoy human company all by themselves.

Since their early ages, Siamese cats have been living with humans most of the time. This has contributed to the development of a solid bond. The Siamese-human relationship has further thrived because this cat breed is so much dependent on humans.

Siamese cats are the most dependable cats to humans, unlike other breeds perceived as selfish and like to have their own time napping in a corner. The Siamese cat likes to take any time it has to spend with humans as much as possible.

They will always initiate games just to have human attention. The behavior of demanding human attention has made them be referred to as the talkative breed.

Their intense loyalty to their family makes them look like they are not interested in new people. They will often act like they don’t even want to connect with foreigners who visit your home.

Do Siamese Cats Have A Favorite Person?

Most cats have been perceived to be independent of most humans. You are most likely to see a cat sleeping in a secluded silent space all by itself, trying to avoid any human interference.

However, this is not the case for all types of cat breeds. The Siamese cats are the complete opposite.

They have a strong personality, and instead of avoiding human interference, these cats will do everything to get human attention.

They will, however, focus their attention on a specific person in the house. A siamese kitten will have their favorite family member that they will always choose to spend time with the most. There is no known reason as to how the Siamese picks its favorite person.

The Siamese is a particular breed. They will always choose whom to spend the most time with within a family. Their natural deep affectionate will always show more evidently when they pick their favorite person.

They have a protective nature and will be overprotective of their favorite person and go further to follow them wherever they go, more like supervising their moves in the house at all times.

Siamese cats tend to form extremely close bonds as one of their main personality characteristics.

The Siamese Cat Follows Me Everywhere

If you are a Siamese guardian, you have probably noticed it following you around the house. This is typical behavior for the Siamese.

At first, the cat may not be bothered by your presence, but gradually you will start to notice that the feline wants to spend more time with you. You have even wondered at one point why your Siamese follows you everywhere.

Well, the Siamese cat will follow you everywhere once it has developed a bond with you. This usually happens when you are a good caregiver.

These cat breeds develop a liking for their companion and enjoy their company. They feel loved and safe around you as the caregiver, and thus, they won’t leave your site.

The Siamese cats will be attached and develop a family bond with its companion. It may be a fast or gradual process, but you should expect it if you are a Siamese owner.

The Siamese cats will also follow you around even if you are not its caregiver. This breed has a natural affection and will always pick out its favorite person in the family.

They are a companion cat, and thrive when they receive companionship.

Therefore, the other reason why your Siamese cat follows you around every time is that you are its favorite companion. It, therefore, loves being around you, or it may just want to have all your attention.