Are Cats Happier in Pairs

There’s a lot that we don’t know about cats. If you’re looking to adopt a furry friend, you’ll need to know if you should grab them a friend while you’re at it. In this article, you’ll learn about cats and whether or not they’re happier in pairs.

Cats are happier in pairs. Just like humans, cats are very social creatures. They like to hang out with animals like them. It helps them explore the world and make the best of their life.

This can be proven simply by just looking at a pair of cats. Very infrequently will two cats live together without getting close to one another. Cats love to hang around with other cats and play, groom, and hunt with each other. There are a number of reasons why it’s always better to get two cats.

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Reasons Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

When you’re looking to adopt, picking up two cats is always better than one. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Here are 10 great reasons why it’s better to adopt two cats instead of one.

#1: They’ll Play With Each Other

This is the first reason that comes to mind when you think about picking up a second cat. As you’ll soon realize, cats are not independent creatures. They love having a best friend for social development, social skills, and to share their home with.

If you put two kittens in the same area, you’ll see them quickly come together and start playing. It’s a win-win for your kittens, and they love to share playtime together. Think about it – would you rather play tag by yourself or with a friend?

While playing with each other, they’ll have mental stimulation and be entertaining each other, too. That means that they’ll rely less on you to be their source of entertainment. They also won’t get into trouble around the house trying to keep themselves busy.

#2: Training is Easier

Training is always easier in pairs. For one, it takes you half the time to train each cat. But also, the cats will train each other. This seems like a funny concept, but it’s like “monkey see, monkey do”.

The kittens will reinforce whatever you’re training them. When one kitten does it correctly, the other one will follow the leader! An example of this might be learning how to use the litter box. When one cat does it correctly and gets praise, the second will surely follow suit.

#3: You Don’t have to Worry About Exercising Them

This sort of goes back to point #1. While the kittens are chasing each other around and playing, they’ll be getting a great form of exercise. That means that there’s less of a burden on you to provide the exercise they need.

Now you can just relax and watch their social interaction and running around with each other.

#4: Say Goodbye to Food Pickiness

If you’ve ever had a cat that was a picky eater, you know just how frustrating mealtimes can be. The funny thing about having two kittens is that they’ll mimic each other’s behavior in a good way. When one starts chomping down on food, the other will follow them and eat as well.

There’s no more food pickiness in a household with two cats. Even if one is traditionally a picky eater, they will change their style once the second one starts eating. Plus, all that playing is going to work up an appetite.

#5: Just One Kitten is Wrong for an Old Cat

This point is specifically for people looking to introduce a kitten into a household that has an old cat. When you have a mature cat, they will be grumpy and resistant to a new kitten. It’s because the young cat will try to get energy out with the old cat and play together. The old cat simply doesn’t have the energy or patience for that.

By introducing two kittens instead of one, the kittens will be able to make a distinction. They’ll learn that the older cat is good for social time, but it’s not good for playtime. The kittens will play with one another and leave your older cat alone for the most part.

#6: They Groom Each Other

The majority of cats are pretty good at grooming themselves, but it’s better when they’re in a pair. A second cat can groom the hard-to-reach places on a cat.

For a lot of households, cats will make a grooming routine that they stick to almost daily. Not only is it adorable, but it’s hygienic for the cat.

#7: Another Life Saved

A lot of people don’t think about it, but providing a loving and good household to two cats means that you saved an extra life. Especially if the cats are both rescues – you can have a clean conscience every time you pet them.

Saving one cat is a very noble thing to do – it just becomes doubly as noble when you double the number of cats you save. You shouldn’t ever feel forced into adopting a second cat if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. Just know that if you do, you could be saving one more life.

#8: Two Cats Aren’t Double the Price

If you’re looking to adopt two cats, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying double the price. It also doesn’t mean that cats come with BOGO coupons stuck to their foreheads.

A lot of the upfront costs are associated with just one cat. When you tag another cat in, then there’s only a slight uptick in the cost. For shelters, you’ll notice that a lot of the charges are more administrative and paperwork costs. If you pick up two cats, the animal shelter doesn’t usually charge all the additional fees on the second one.

#9: Keeping the Family Together

If you adopt more than one cat that came from the same shelter or mom, then you’re keeping the family together. This is super important when it comes to either cat growing up and developing as they are litter mates. To be able to do it with their brother, sister, or best friend is a lot better than doing it alone.

Did you know that cats can miss one another? If they go too long without seeing one of their friends, they actually start to miss them. Keeping the family together when it comes to adoption time can make everyone involved happier.

#10: Cats Like to Play at Night

Have you ever been pounced on by your cat at night? Cats love to wake up at night and start hunting and pouncing around.

If there’s not a second cat in your house, you become the victim of these night attacks. If you have two cats, they will play with each other instead and leave you alone.

They will chase one another around until they get rid of their energy level and get ready for sleep. It lets you sleep through the night without getting claws in your face.

Do Cats Get Lonely or Are They Fine Without Other Cats?

Most cats will get lonely when they’re alone for too long. When you have a single cat, you’ll notice that they act out more often than if they were in a pair. They will get into things they shouldn’t, and they’ll start clawing and biting things around the house.

Even if you stock them up with cat toys, they’ll still find a way to cause a mess. This is because they’re lonely. Cats might seem like independent animals, but they love the companionship of another cat. When pairs of cats are together, you’ll notice a huge change in their attitude.

A lot of people understand this idea when they finally adopt a second cat. The first cat starts acting happier around the house because they have a friend to learn, play, and grow with.

Keep in mind – cats are biologically animals that like to stay in groups. Think of lions and tigers at the zoo. Very often they’ll prowl together, lay together, and play together. Sure, they like to spend time on their own, but who doesn’t? That doesn’t mean that a cat should be isolated their whole life.

Signs Your Cat May Need A Feline Companion

If your cat seems down in the dumps, it might be looking for feline company. They will get antsy and find themselves in trouble a lot more often. They act out because they have this energy that they need to share with another cat.

Equally, they could be looking to play, and they don’t have anyone to play with. Getting a feline companion for your cat fixes all of these problems.

Just make sure that the friend you adopt for your cat has the same temperament and not a big age difference. Getting back to point #5, old cats usually don’t like sharing their space with a kitten. If you already have a young adult cat in your home, you’re better off picking up another young cat to be their friend.