Are Capybaras Good Pets?

Capybaras are wild animals that are considered rodents and considered exotic pets. They are cute, intelligent, and sensitive.

Are Capybaras good pets? Capybaras are good pets because they are very smart and sensitive, and they are easy to train and love to be handled and cared for, but on the flip side, the Capybara require a large amount of work and a big area to live in.

A Capybara is a fun and cute animal, but it needs to have at least 20 square feet of room to live, and it has to have a bed, toys, a litter box, and an area that needs to be cleaned often.

One thing about Capybaras is that they are very fast runners, and they will escape quickly if they are given the opportunity to run. They can go over fences, and no height can keep them in if it is under four feet.

The Capybaras do not really dig, they do squeeze through tiny spaces, and so this makes them get out easy, and the fencing has to be sturdy, fixed into to concrete and double-backed so that your Capybaras cannot escape. If it manages to escape, it will be very hard to catch.

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What do Capybaras Eat?

Capybaras are herbivores, and this means they eat plants. Some of their favorite foods include:

  • Hay
  • Vegetables
  • Pellets
  • Wood Sticks
  • Fresh Fruits

One interesting thing about the Capybaras is that its teeth grow its whole life, and so it has to be able to wear down the teeth, and this is why hay and wood sticks are important to your Capybaras diet.

If you allow your Capybaras out in the grass or your yard, you will not have to mow the lawn because they will graze on the grass, but make sure that you have flowers that are not poisonous and that you do not allow them to be in any type of pesticides or insecticides.

Capybaras eat a lot of food and so when it is time for winter, make sure that you have a lot of food stored up so that you can feed your new pet.

What Should You Know Before You Get a Capybaras?

There are so many interesting facts about the Capybaras such as the fact that they love to sit out in the sun for most of the day, they love mud, they like to swim, they bite, they have to have a bed to sleep on, and they require regular veterinary care.

Capybaras want to spend much of their day outside in the sun, and it allows them to be stress-free and happy. Keeping a Capybaras indoors all the time is not good for your pet and can cause them to be depressed and aggressive.

Capybaras love to roll and play in the mud, and even though they love to be out in the sun, they can get sunburned fast, and when they roll in the mud, it keeps their skin from being exposed.

One of the favorite things of the Capybaras is to go swimming. If you have a pet Capybaras, you need to have a place for them to swim and play and fully submerge their body. This pool needs to be specifically for them because they will urinate and defecate in the water and so it is important that the pool water is kept clean and changed often. This pool should be at least 3 feet deep.

The Capybara has sharp teeth, and so they are always using their teeth. Since the Capybaras always use their teeth, they are prone to biting.

To keep your Capybara healthy and happy, you have to give them a bed that is made of hay and other materials. They enjoy sleeping in their area, and so this is one important thing when keeping them as a pet.

Capybaras will lack Vitamin C and can be prone to respiratory infections and infestations, and so you must find a vet that can give them regular care.

How Long Does a Capybaras Live?

A healthy and well taken care of Capybaras can live up to ten years if it is in the right environment.

One problem with having a Capybaras is that a lot of vets do not know how to care for Capybaras, and so since they are so rare, if your Capy has a problem, there might not be any medical care for it, and it can suffer if it is sick.

Can Capybaras be House Trained?

Capybaras can be litter trained, and so they will not make waste messes around the house, but it is not wise to keep the Capybaras in your house because of their energy level and their size.

Capybaras love to run around and play, and they need a space that is big enough for them to run and play and to walk around so that they can get out some of their energy. If the Capybaras are left inside, it will become depressed and aggressive and will have behavioral issues.

Do Capybaras Smell?

Capybaras do not smell because they do not have a thick undercoat like other animals do. With their wire-like fur, the Capybara does not shed all at once, and their hair is very easy to vacuum up.

Since their hair is like wire, it does not catch many odors or dirt.

Can You Leave Capybaras Alone Often?

No. Capybaras are very sensitive and love to be entertained. Capybaras want to have someone around them for their emotional and mental support, and this is good for their overall well-being.

If you choose to have a Capybaras and you are not home a lot, it is important that you get a second Capybaras to keep each other company. It is not wise to have two males together because they have a hard time battling for dominance, but a male and a female can work well together.

Capybaras will have separation anxiety if they are away from their loved ones for very long, and they love to be in their pack. If you want your Capybaras to be happy and stress-free, he or she needs someone with them most of the time.

Are Capybaras Dangerous to Humans?

Capybaras are not dangerous to people, but this depends on how they are raised. If a Capybaras is raised around people, it will be able to be petted and handled.

Capybaras are not like dogs or cats, and so they will not enjoy being handled as much, but if you give them care and love and meet their needs, then they will be fun pets to have.

One thing about the Capybaras is the size of it. They are about the size of a medium dog, and even though they are considered a rodent and similar to the guinea pig, they are way bigger.

Capybaras are very sensitive, and they do not like to be left alone. If you choose to leave them alone a lot, make sure that you have more than one, and they can make good domestic pets.

Can Capybaras Be Trained?

Yes. Capybaras are very intelligent animals, and so they can learn to do tricks and simple can-do commands easily. If you want to train your Capybaras, you have to be firm with them and consistent, or the Capybaras will try to dominate you and be hard to handle.

Do Capybaras Eat Their Poop?

Yes. Capybaras eat their poop, and it is called Cesotropes. Cesotropes is waste that a Capy will make and other rodents.

Many rodents besides the Capybaras eat their poop because it has added nutrients that they need in their diets. The Capybaras will usually make waste around 4 to 8 hours after they eat.

Does the Capybaras Talk?

The Capybaras is known to make sounds so that it can communicate with other animals. If you Capybaras is raised outside and with other animals, it will be able to communicate, but if it is housed alone, it might not be able to communicate as it should.

The Capybaras loves to imitate sounds, and that is another reason having more than one can keep it happy.

Here are some sounds the Capybaras makes:

  • Purring
  • Grunting
  • Whistling
  • Squealing
  • Coughing
  • Barking

What Pets are Similar to the Capybaras?

Some pets are similar to the Capybaras, such as:

  • Walla Roo
  • Prairie Dog
  • Wallaby
  • Patagonia Cavy
  • Guinea Pig